Sibjam is an online marketplace for local farm products and is the only marketplace for farm produce in Bhutan. Sibjam connects over 2000 farmers and farming cooperatives and have more than 300 organic and local farm products.

The platform offers with quality farm products at wholesale rate with delivery service to buyers. On the other hand, Sibjam provides marketing and logistics services to farmers, so that farmers can concentrate on production and not have to spend time and resources on finding a market.

Owing to natural, logistics, and marketing factors – Bhutanese farmers go through distressing time to sell their produce, and face losses for the perishing nature of their produce. It is Sibjam’s aspiration to find buyers before the crops/produce is harvested.

We also believe the shortcomings are the result of information constraints. Sibjam provides data and information on farm produce across the country.

Sibjam’s endeavour is to ensure effective linkages between producers and consumers, and reduce waste of valuable agricultural and other farm produce. Eventually we aspire to build a proper food supply chain management, so as to manage perishable goods better and cut down on loss.

Through Sibjam, we envision to empower farmers and contribute to self-sufficiency and food security.

The seed fund for building ‘Sibjam’ platform is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bhutan Foundation and Loden Foundation.

Contact Information Get in touch with us through email and phone:

+975 77783463

Address information

Shoppers Store Building,
Near Muscle Factory
NPPF Colony, Thimphu
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